Letters to the Editor

Letter: Biden isn’t leading nation

What is a leader?

Not Joe Biden. A leader solves problems, recognizes opportunities, creates strategies that support the country’s needs while developing the resources necessary to achieve defined goals. The Biden administration hasn’t demonstrated it understands these principles. For example, Pete Buttigieg (U.S. Secretary of Transportation) hasn’t provided us with any solutions for unlocking the supply chain log jam. Vital products such as medicine aren’t reaching hospitals and patients. Although Biden’s suggestion of using Reservists to help move goods across the country is a good one it is only a recommendation because Reservists are controlled by state governments.

Violent crime increases nationwide, inflation grows and the COVID-19 crisis continues. Yet President Biden chooses to pursue pie in the sky (and fiscally irresponsible) social programs instead of fixing real issues facing the nation. Maybe Biden could start leading.

Jeff Shoemaker

Lake in the Hills