Letter: Traffic growing near park

I’m trying to find studies Mayor Wayne Jett did on the location he picked for the purposed splash pad at Fort McHenry. I’ve lived in the attached subdivision for over 10 years, and as it sits today, the park gets quite a bit of traffic. On weekends, parking becomes an issue as will the extra traffic funneled through our neighborhood. Traffic regularly gets backed up as drivers try to pull out onto Route 120 from Front Royal, adding more cars at this intersection seems a bit crazy. We have several under-used parks in the McHenry area, including the one attached to the community pool. I’m hoping the mayor will look into what more traffic through a small subdivision like mine would do to both child safety and property values. Whispering Oaks is a small neighborhood with smaller homes. I think bringing much more traffic through our streets will be a mistake.

Brian Daleske