Letter: How are things under Biden?

To the Editor:

What’s the pulse of our America today now that President Donald Trump, “Mr. Bully,” has been replaced by President Joe Biden, “Mr. Empathy”?

Biden is mandating vaccines for all working people and school children older than age 12. It’s strange that a so-called moderate of Catholic faith who strongly defends “my body, my choice” when it’s an abortion, now says “your body, my choice” when it’s a vaccination.

In Biden time, which is now, a CNN poll that asks “How well are things going in the country today?” shows only 2% said “very well,” and 69% said “pretty badly.” Wow, in less than eight months, “Mr. Empathy” is not empathizing with the voters.

It’s Biden time until 2024, if he doesn’t run for reelection.

Robert Meale

Crystal Lake