Letter: Lack of compassion, and consequences

To the Editor:

As a former public health nurse, I’m well aware that abortion, while never a good choice, can be the best decision a woman can make when facing an unwanted, crisis pregnancy. When anti-abortion legislators and activists would label all women seeking to end such pregnancies criminals, this shows blatant lack of compassion and consequences. Women must be allowed the God-given responsibility and right to determine what is best for their family themselves, even if it does not agree with the moral codes of others. These others do not have the right to make decisions when they do not know the circumstances and consultations such women have had with their doctors and spiritual pastors.

Texas-Taliban abortion laws rip this heart-rendering and life-altering decision from a woman and grant sanctimonious legislators control while encouraging complete strangers (and enemies?) to spy and “tell” so they can collect monetary bounties. In cases of rape and incest, friends of the rapist could actually make money providing details about those who helped the unfortunate woman obtain a safe (and formerly legal) abortion.

Let’s be clear. Such laws aren’t about protecting the sanctity of life. They’re about controlling women and taking away the basic human right to control one’s body and destiny.

Joan L. Davis