Letter: Will schools change policies?

To the Editor:

As we head into another school year, apparently, we are going to have to do battle again with some selfish parents and the local school districts that are willing to bend to their demands. D-155 already has stated that it is not going to require mask use in schools, despite the fact that the delta variant of COVID-19 has proved to be more virulent and deadly, and in light of a rising positivity rate and relatively low vaccination rate in the county of about 50%. In addition, they will not be requiring students or parents to disclose their vaccination status.

To quote from a Shaw Media article from 7/26/21:

“While school districts across northern Illinois are largely opting to make masks optional at all grade levels, the Illinois Department of Public Health issued an updated FAQ that included a statement to any districts that choose to not follow U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mask guidance.

“ ‘In addition to the health and safety reasons for following the CDC’s guidance, school districts that decide not to follow the CDC’s guidance should consult with their insurers regarding risk assumption and liability coverage. Insurers may be unwilling to cover liabilities created as a result of failure to adhere to public health guidance,’ the IDPH said in the statement.”

As of this date, D-155 has decided to ignore the IDPH’s own advice regarding the potential insurance liability exposure.

And today we see that the CDC is urging universal masking for all teachers, staff members and students in schools, regardless of vaccination status.

So the ball is in D-155′s (and other school districts’) court: Will they do the right thing and require universal mask-wearing, or will they be responsible for each and every student, teacher and related family member’s sickness or death, something that is almost 100% preventable by the simple act or requiring indoor mask usage?

Mark Hardie

Crystal Lake