Letter: The unvaccinated are risk-takers

To the Editor:

Whatever their stated reason, people who decline the COVID-19 vaccine have one thing in common – they are risk-takers. They are taking a risk that the virus was a hoax – 600,000 have died. They are taking a risk that they won’t get very sick – ask a long-hauler about months of illness following even a mild case.

They prefer to risk getting COVID-19 rather than risk a vaccine given to millions with few concerning reactions. They are willing to risk infecting someone who can’t get vaccinated or won’t mount a vigorous response to the vaccine because of another illness – do they really not care? Lastly, if they are proud of their decision not to vaccine, they should wear a mask to declare their independence.

That will allow others to decide what risk they will take to be around them.

Nancy Delware

Crystal Lake