Letter: Valley Hi is one of McHenry County’s greatest assets

Decisions concerning the Valley Hi Nursing Home operating board are back on the McHenry County Board’s agenda. The discussion began at the Committee of the Whole on May 27. You can find the minutes or a video of the discussion on the meeting portal on the McHenry County website.

These past few years, the County Board and the VH director for multiple reasons have been making any and all decisions without the backup of a VH operating board. Any taxing body has a board for oversight and planning. Every health care agency in the county has an active and necessary board. Boards are essential to taxpayers knowing these agencies are monitored. The County Board is responsible for managing millions of our dollars. Their plate is full. Valley Hi, one of our county’s greatest assets, is a separate taxing body and needs its own operating board. Its needs are complex and take a great deal of oversight. Planning for the future in these turbulent times is essential. It’s only logical and necessary that Valley Hi would have its own operating board. If there are any changes needed in the VH operating board’s responsibilities, then this would be a perfect time to make them. Valley Hi has a great director, and he needs the support of an operating board whose sole responsibility is Valley Hi.

The question being discussed is who and what process is to be used to make Valley Hi run efficiently, leading to the best care of some of our most vulnerable. Please let your County Board member know how you feel about this issue.

Cathy Johnson