Letter: There must be unity within our nation

To the Editor:

Imagine a new way forward. Imagine a society that is able to set aside its differences and work toward a goal that sees justice for victims, food and shelter for the needy, and health care for those suffering from mental illness. Imagine a humane immigration system that treats people with dignity and allows more people to come here searching for a better life. Think about a nation where people of the LGBTQ+ community are given full equality in all facets of our country. Most of all, imagine a country fully invested in the idea of democracy for everyone.

We find ourselves in a plethora of once-in-a-lifetime crises. Democracy is in danger across the entire globe, and a pandemic has killed millions of people. Meanwhile, our political differences have torn apart families and friends on every street corner. A house divided cannot stand. There must be unity within our nation. We must hold on to a strong and active faith in our democratic institutions and fellow Americans.

This unity cannot happen at the expense of proper criminal justice and civil rights reform. This unity cannot happen until we extinguish the dark fires of fascism that have spread lies, hatred and conspiracy theories across our land.The demagogues must lose their power of persuasion over the people. This task to rescue our democracy cannot be won by spectators.

Americans from every race, gender and social class must become civically engaged on a consistent basis. Americans need to vote in every election in order to keep the wheels of democracy spinning. We must reject the blatant lies about election fraud. It’s imperative to reject the idea that only certain Americans can be trusted with the right to vote. Every citizen of the U.S. deserves to have their vote counted. Any obstacles put in place to impede that stymie the democratic process.

All of the issues mentioned above can only be tackled when we elect officials who are willing to solve them. Do not be a spectator, be an activist. Let’s rescue our democracy together. Believe in America.

Peter Atterberg