Letter: Thanks for containing the ‘stupidity’

To the Editor:

My wife and I were enjoying the view of the wetland and having a drink when we heard the fireworks start again. Fireworks shot up from the western edge of the Lippold Park, near our home. We watched in horror as some of the fireworks remained lit as they fell from the sky and landed in the dry grasses in Lippold Park. A woman screamed, “Hurry … get some water.” But it was already too late. I would like to say “thank you” to all the first responders who worked to contain the wildfire that blazed in Lippold Park on Saturday night. The Crystal Lake Fire Department had to bring in a water tanker to help contain the flames and embers that were being pushed through the dry grass by moderate winds. Luckily, those winds were pushing the flames to the northeast, away from the homes that border the park. The fire department’s fast response and persistence kept the fire contained. The police from the city and park district were also a valued asset, keeping gawkers and others away from the hardworking firefighters.

Even though everyone knows that we are in severe drought conditions, neighbors living west of Lippold Park were setting off fireworks all week. The large fireworks were very easy to see and hear. Maybe with some police patrols and prevention, this all could have been avoided. The culprits should turn themselves in.

Or a neighbor should report them to the authorities. Your senseless need to light your fireworks has caused needless damage to the wetland plant and animal wildlife. Grow up.

Bob Miller

Crystal Lake