Letter: Do liberals think it’s OK to be conservative without expressing views?

Our family recently purchased a new car at Gary Lang in McHenry. We had a good experience there. The staff were professional, helpful, and friendly; the facilities were clean, and we got a great price on our car. We bought the car with our two kids in tow.

I am a little bit saddened by the negative press the dealership has received lately for expressing what appear to me to be mainstream conservative political views. I see so many businesses and entertainment and news media outlets expressing support for liberal causes and I don’t see protests or numerous letters to the editor. Gary Lang is entitled to free speech. Are those who say they won’t shop at Gary Lang willing to follow their own standard and not shop at any conservative-owned businesses? Or do these liberals think it is okay to be a conservative as long as you don’t express your viewpoint out-loud or in public?

I would recommend Gary Lang in McHenry to anyone looking to buy a new car, especially if you want a clean, family-friendly experience and a great price on your car.

Katie Yoars

Crystal Lake