Letter: How can you call for unity now?

To the Editor:

Calls for unity from Republican politicians and conservative commentators ring hollow to me. After five years of enabling Donald Trump’s continued efforts to divide the country along partisan lines, it’s the height of hypocrisy for Republicans to put the onus for uniting us on Joe Biden and Democrats alone.

They have shown no inclination to renounce the lie that the election was stolen. Instead, claiming that the country needs to just move on. Until they state clearly that the election was secure and that Joe Biden won, half of the country will continue to believe it was stolen by the Democrats.

These Republicans are afraid to do so for fear of being threatened by Trumpists and challenged from the right in their primaries. That’s why we need the Senate to vote on impeachment. It will force them to show their true colors. (As the House members have already done.) Are they loyal to the constitution, or cowards trying to hold onto power?

Sadly, I think I know the answer.

Richard Keslinke