Letter: Rep. Underwood is very informed

To the Editor:

A recent letter to the editor attempted to shame Rep. Underwood for not being aware of the funds available to assist businesses during this pandemic.

Perhaps the writer missed Rep. Underwood’s press release on April 2. The headline was: Underwood Announces Coronavirus Response Funding for Cities and Counties of 14th District of Illinois. The press release stated: “The CARES Act is delivering crucial economic relief to communities in northern Illinois that have been dramatically impacted by the coronavirus pandemic……..”

Rep. Underwood’s website lists the amount each District 14 county was awarded – Community Development Block Grant for McHenry County was $830,790.

Would seem to me this would indicate Rep. Underwood was very aware of monies available to McHenry County.

Obviously, the writer is unaware that Rep Underwood provides a federal grants newsletter sent to all local elected officials. Additionally Rep. Underwood makes applying for federal grants as convenient as possible by providing grant applications on her website.

Maybe the writer’s question should have been - how is it Crystal Lake, Woodstock and McHenry knew to apply for the grant? If they knew, why didn’t others?

Did the writer bother to call Rep. Underwood’s office for an explanation or just decided it would be amusing publish charges made up out of whole cloth in a snarky mansplaining letter?

Did anyone hear President Trump acknowledge Pearl Harbor Day?

Did anyone hear President Trump acknowledge the number of people dying every day from COVID?

Helen Torscher

Crystal Lake