Three Oaks Elementary renovations part of $37 million Cary School District 26 budget

Cary School District 26 also expects to spend $18.3 million in salaries

Bathroom remodeling, new lighting and other interior work at Three Oaks Elementary School all were included costs in the $37 million budget unanimously approved by the Cary School District 26 Board this week.

Much of the work on the elementary school at 1514 Three Oaks Road has concluded or is set to be finished later in September, said Dave Shepherd, director of finance and operations for District 26. Along with the new lighting and remodeled bathrooms, Three Oaks also received new wiring, plumbing, classroom shelving, fresh paint and an upgrade to its heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

These renovations are listed in District 26′s budget under purchase services, which in total make up more than $6.5 million of the fiscal 2022 budget, according to a presentation Shepherd gave Monday. Purchase services are some of the highest projected expenses the district has, second only to salaries, on which the district expects to spend $18.3 million.

A little more than $37 million is slated in expenses for fiscal 2022, which began July 1. That marks a 10.51% increase from the previous year’s budget, which projected $33.53 million in expenditures.

Salary increases are assumed for the year based on collective bargaining agreements the district already has with staff, a statewide minimum wage increase and projected salary increases for administration and educational support staff, according to Shepherd’s presentation.

Purchase services also are expected to increase because of future enrollment, as well as contractual agreements used for food services, workers’ compensation, liability insurance, custodial services and the district’s school bus lease.

Noncapital equipment by far had the largest jump in spending for fiscal 2022. Spending in this category went up more than 1,925% to $668,560 from $33,000 the previous year. This is because of an already-approved classroom furniture purchase of about $635,560.

Projected revenue also is expected to increase for District 26 by 3.17% this fiscal year. The district expects to receive almost 0.8% – or a little more than $190,000 – more in property taxes for a total of almost $25.7 million.

The budget was approved unanimously at the district’s board meeting Monday. The budget vote initially was set for Aug. 30, but the meeting was rescheduled after police were called when some meeting attendees refused to wear a mask, according to a Cary police report and a letter sent out to families by District 26 board members.

Cassie Buchman

Cassie Buchman

I cover Crystal Lake, Algonquin, Cary, Fox River Grove, Prairie Grove and Oakwood Hills for the Northwest Herald.