Huntley High School students partner with community for mock interviews

Julie Novalinski from About Your Home Inspection conducts a mock interview with Huntley High School junior Sydney Wenckaitis.

Huntley High School students recently conducted mock interviews with members of the community and district employees to gain experience about what the professional interview process is like.

The interviews were part of the district’s cooperative education course, an elective that offers students credit for both classwork in post-high school life skills and on-the-job training, according to a news release.

“It makes me feel a lot better about future interviews because I feel like I would be a lot less nervous now that I know what I would say and do,” junior Sydney Wenckaitis said in the release.

Tony Quagliano, president of the Huntley School District 158 school board, conducts a mock interview with Huntley High School senior Anthony Becker.

Interviewers included representatives from McHenry County College, the Illinois National Guard, Algonquin Bank & Trust, Edward Jones, Eric J. Fernandez & Co., About Your Home Inspection and the Huntley Park District, according to the news release. Huntley 158 staff, including Superintendent Scott Rowe and members of the school board, also conducted interviews.

Students gained experience with each facet of the interview process, including how to successfully prepare before the interview.

“We focus on the complete interview process including: dressing for success, the elevator speech, behavior-based interviewing techniques, body language, and how to send a thank-you letter. The students also prepare a resume, references, and an ePortfolio to bring to the interview,” teacher Page Schaschwary said in the release.