Former Crystal Lake District 47 school board member reappointed

Former board member Emily Smith replaces Curt Wadlington

Former Crystal Lake Elementary School District 47 board member Emily Smith was reappointed to the board during its meeting Monday.

With her appointment on Monday, Smith replaces member Curt Wadlington, whose term ends in 2023.

Wadlington, who announced his resignation during the October board meeting, chose to do so as he felt his goal of “cultivating a habit of service,” had been accomplished, according to the meeting’s minutes.

Smith, of Lake in the Hills, is a real estate agent who was first appointed to the District 47 school board in August 2019, after the retirement of Eileen Palsgrove, the Northwest Herald reported.

While Smith ran in the school board election that took place earlier this year, she was unsuccessful in her bid for another term. It was a competitive race, with seven candidates vying for four spots on the board.

Smith told the Northwest Herald ahead of the election that being on the board gave her a way to be a voice for parents and community members.

“I have found a way to connect and hear from people that have all different angles and perspectives on the same topic and issue,” she said at the time. “And it has been very eye-opening for me to be able to take all that information and research it and come to a conclusion that I feel best suits everyone’s needs.”

Smith’s spot on the board was unanimously approved by the other members.

School board members in Illinois are not paid.