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McHenry County, court receive state grant for DUI court aimed at reducing repeat offenders

The Michael J. Sullivan Judicial Center in Woodstock houses McHenry County's courts.

The 22nd Judicial Circuit Court and McHenry County were awarded a grant worth about $116,000 to help fund the court’s speciality driving under the influence court.

The grant comes from the Illinois Department of Transportation and is administered as part of its efforts to improve highway safety, according to a news release from the McHenry County court administration.

The county’s DUI court, established in September 2019, seeks to prevent repeat offenders through “restorative care, treatment and legal accountability,” the court administration said in the release.

Presided over by Circuit Judge Michael W. Feetterer, the county’s DUI court works with those who have been charged with and pleaded guilty to a felony DUI offense. The participant also must be at least 18 years old, a McHenry County resident, have a substance use disorder and a limited criminal history. The offense also cannot have resulted in death or injuries to another person.

As part of the program, sentencing is held off until the person completes the program, which includes treatment, meetings with program clinical staff and probation officers, frequent substance abuse testing, and biweekly court appearances. If someone fails to comply with the program requirements, they receive a sentence.