Carpentersville, West Dundee to discuss development along Randall Road and Spring Hill Mall

Residents showed up outside Carpentersville village hall Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2022, to show their opposition to a potential development at Randall and Binnie roads.

With a distressed mall in both towns and a potential warehouse development sparking debate between them, Carpentersville and West Dundee officials want to discuss development issues.

Carpentersville Village President John Skillman announced Tuesday that he plans to meet with West Dundee Village President Chris Nelson and other West Dundee officials. Skillman told village trustees during a board meeting that the upcoming meeting was to “further identify ways to work together to address shared concerns.”

Nelson has been critical of a potential warehouse development at the southeast corner of Randall and Binnie roads in an unincorporated area between the two towns. In September, Missouri-based US Capital Development presented a concept plan to Carpentersville officials for a logistics center that would include three warehouses and parking for about 300 trucks. The developer took the concept plans to Carpentersville after West Dundee officials declined a similar proposal.

“I think it’s always helpful to have a dialogue. And I’m hoping during the meeting that I can convey to [Skillman] why our organization has such grave concerns about this proposal,” Nelson said, referring to the potential warehouse development.

The potential for a warehouse development on the property has drawn opposition from residents who have protested and attended village board meetings to express their concerns. They have argued that a warehouse development does not belong on the property, which is near residential and retail developments.

Dundee Township Park District’s Randall Oaks Park and Zoo also is across the street on the southwest corner of Randall and Binnie roads.

Skillman said the village appreciates residents’ concerns about the potential development and will work to keep people informed if a formal proposal for the development is submitted for review.

“We have nothing to hide and will have nothing to hide,” Skillman said at this week’s Village Board meeting. “We do appreciate the concerns the community may have, and I encourage you to let us address those in light of an actual proposal if and when it is received.”

Skillman also has announced he will be forming a Randall Road corridor development review committee. Skillman said the advisory panel will help compile concerns regarding potential developments at Randall and Binnie roads.

The village is hosting an open house Nov. 17 to provide information about the potential development. The meeting, which will include representatives from US Capital Development, will be from 5 to 7 p.m. at Randall Oaks Banquet, 4101 Binnie Road in West Dundee.