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Main break in Johnsburg puts more than 300 customers on boil water notice

Prairie Path Water Co., which has more than 2,000 customers in the Johnsburg area, has planned work on one water tower

Scott Martens holds a water filter that is used to try and improve the the water quality of the water that comes from water utility that serves Johnsburg on Wednesday, June 29, 2022. Residents in Johnsburg are on a private water system and say the clarity and smell of the water can be awful at times.

Hundreds of Johnsburg residents will be on a boil water notices until either Friday or Saturday due to a main break in the area, officials said.

The Prairie Path Water Co., which has about 2,400 customers in the Johnsburg area, reported a main break early Wednesday morning, President Steve Lubertozzi said. The break has put about 320 of its customers, in the area west of Johnsburg Road toward Johnsburg High School, under a boil water notice.

The main break came at an “unfortunate” time, Lubertozzi said, as one of the area’s water towers, which sits in front of the high school, is scheduled to have sediment in it cleaned out, which is a process that takes place every five to seven years.

Originally, this was not expected to affect any customers, but the main break will cause those affected to need to boil their water until work and testing are completed either Friday night or Saturday morning, Lubertozzi said.

As a result of the break, the scheduled work has been moved up to Thursday. After a main break, the water has to be tested. That could take one or two days, Lubertozzi said. Once the water is tested and comes back fine, a boil water notice can be lifted.

Samples will be able to be collected Thursday and Friday.

The break at first put 150 people under an advisory, but that was increased to 320 after the company cut out a section of the watermain for replacement, Lubertozzi said.

The village of Johnsburg is advising customers they my experience fluctuation in water pressure, and they should contact the company if this is the case, according to an email sent out to residents. They also encourage customers to conserve water and refrain from irrigating their lawns.

For those under a boil notice, it’s recommended you boil your water for 5 minutes before using it to drink or cook, according to a news alert from the village.

Water quality for those connected to the private water system ran by Prairie Path has been a concern in recent years. In response, the company has promised to work toward fixing those worries.