Skokie man hopes to find women who saved his life at Tulip Festival in Spring Grove

‘If those people didn’t step up, I wouldn’t be here today,’ he says

Paul Sabin, left, collapsed while at the tulip festival at Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove on mother's day, May 8, 2022, and he and his wife, Sandra, have been trying to identify the three women who helped save his life prior to the arrival of EMTs on the scene.

Paul Sabin doesn’t remember what happened after he collapsed, and he doesn’t remember the three women who helped revive his heart and save his life, but he’d like to find them.

Paul and his wife, Sandra Sabin, hope to identify the women so the couple can express their gratitude to the trio for saving his life.

The Sabins, who live in Skokie, were at the Tulip Festival at Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove for Mother’s Day earlier this month, enjoying time with their family, when Paul suddenly fell to the ground and had a seizure.

“I turned around looking for him, and he’s on the ground,” Sandra Sabin said. “He was literally turning blue.”

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, three women, also at the festival with their families, assisted the Sabins.

The three women performed chest compressions and helped revive his heart before he was rushed to Northwestern Medicine McHenry Hospital, Sandra Sabine said.

“They were health care professionals,” she said. “They knew how to do it.”

Once the ambulance arrived, Sandra Sabine said she thanked the women but didn’t get their names before she left for the hospital.

Emergency responders also tried to get the names of the three good Samaritans, but they had dispersed with their families or left the festival before they could be identified, Spring Grove Fire Protection District Chief Paul Klicker said.

Paul Sabine, who was released from a rehabilitation center a week ago, said he is doing OK but still is looking for answers as to why it happened in the first place.

Paul Sabine, 73, is an attorney and said he’d never had a seizure before.

As he undergoes physical therapy, he said the identities of the women remain as big a mystery as what caused the fall.

“If those people didn’t step up, I wouldn’t be here today,” he said.

Attempts to identify the women through social media have not yielded results, Sandra Sabine said.

“We just want to find them, thank them, tell them that Paul is OK,” she said. “There’s so much bad happening right now, so it’s nice to have a story about people going out of their way to help somebody else.”