Man accused of stealing $500 from teen during fake Wonder Lake marijuana sale held without bond

Prosecutors set to argue no bond for co-defendant Wednesday

Azmi Ibrahim

A man accused of robbing a 17-year-old male of $500 at gunpoint under the ruse of a meetup to buy marijuana in Wonder Lake was ordered held without bond last week. His co-defendant is set for a hearing Wednesday when prosecutors are expected to argue he also be held without bond.

Azmi Ibrahim III, 19, of Waukegan and Christopher Williams, 20, of Round Lake Beach each are charged with armed robbery with a firearm, a Class X felony, as well as mob action.

About 5 p.m. on July 23, Ibrahim traveled with Williams and a third male, a juvenile, to meet a 17-year-old male “under the auspices of selling the [17-year-old] $500 worth of” marijuana, according to the petition for a hearing on denial of bail filed in the McHenry County courthouse.

“The offenders never intended to sell [the 17-year-old] cannabis, but rather it was their intent to rob him,” Assistant State’s Attorney Brian Miller wrote in the petition.

Ibrahim “drove the co-defenders” to meet the 17-year-old.

When he entered the back seat of the vehicle “multiple firearms were pulled and [Ibrahim], seated in the driver’s seat pointed a gun at [him].” The juvenile was then struck by Williams, who was in the backseat with him.

“[The alleged victim] turned over the $500 and escaped the vehicle,” according to the petition.

Releasing Ibrahim “would pose a real and present threat to the physical safety of any person or persons,” according to the petition.

“[Ibrahim] orchestrated the plan with the other two offenders; the victim of this offense was a minor; and the defendant clearly has access to firearms,” according to the petition.

After hearing the prosecutor’s argument on Aug. 1, McHenry County Judge Tiffany Davis granted Miller’s motion and ordered Ibrahim held without bond over his defense attorney’s objection, according to the order filed in the courthouse.

Williams is due in court Wednesday, and Miller is expected to argue he also be held without bond.

Miller wrote in Williams’ petition that when the juvenile entered the vehicle’s backseat, multiple firearms were pointed at him and the group demanded the $500. The alleged victim also said that Williams “specifically pointed a blue revolver” at his head.

Williams allegedly “moved the revolver down toward [the alleged victim’s] torso and threatened to shoot [him].”

Williams allegedly struck the 17-year-old male with the revolver and he then turned over the $500, Miller wrote.

Before escaping the vehicle, Williams allegedly punched him. The money was split among the trio, according to the petition.

Williams, currently held in the McHenry County jail on $75,000 bond, allegedly told detectives that the “entire incident was planned out in advance. The parties all intended to rob [the 17-year-old male] at gunpoint,” according to the petition.

Should the men be convicted on the Class X felony, they could face up to 30 years in prison.