April 01, 2023


Malta residents in Precinct 1 to have new polling place for April consolidated election

The new mural by Dixon artist Nora Balayti Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022, on the north side of Route 38 in Malta. The mural, which spells out Malta in large capital letters, depicts the values of the town with themes of agriculture, family, community and growth.

MALTA – Malta voters in the village’s first precinct will have a new polling place starting on April 4 for the consolidated election, said DeKalb County Clerk and Recorder Tasha Sims Monday.

The new polling place is located at 115 South 3rd Street in Malta, the site of the Malta Municipal Building and a senior center.

The change was spurred from efforts by Malta township officials. Sims said Malta township leaders asked the clerk’s office if they could help to change the voting location, and suggested the Malta Municipal Building.

“So we went out to Malta and met at the new facility, and toured it and looked at the accommodations, and were very happy with the change because it’s a larger building and there’s more adequate parking,” Sims said. “So I think it’ll be a very positive change for those voting in Malta.”

The precinct’s old polling place, last used in November’s midterm election, was located at the Malta Fire Station, 308 Jefferson St., Malta. The fire station is less than a third of a mile from the new polling place.

According to the clerk’s office, the polling place change will be illustrated in new voter registrations cards sent to all registered voters in Malta Precinct 01 before the April 4 Consolidated Election.

Sims, who said she’s enjoying her first six weeks as the county’s clerk and recorder, said she was glad Malta’s leadership had a facility in mind for the polling place.

“I’m thankful that – and we weren’t kicked out of a polling place by any means – but that we weren’t left trying to find a facility,” Sims said. “It was very thoughtful and nice of the township municipal officials in Malta that they actually came to us with a better change of venue. So it was good working with them and I think it’ll be ... a good change for everyone. A much better voting experience.”

Camden Lazenby

Camden Lazenby

Camden Lazenby covers DeKalb County news for the Daily Chronicle.