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Technology Made Easy - Technology Made Easy – Rapid Disaster Recovery

A small business is facing disaster when its data is suddenly lost. It starts with a power outage that shuts down the entire office, including the server. When the power returns, the IT team discovers that all the data stored on the server has been corrupted and is unrecoverable.

In today’s ever-changing technological landscape, securing your data and systems is more critical than ever. One of the most effective ways to protect your business from a potential disaster is using rapid disaster recovery (RDR) with Technology Made Easy.

Bare Metal Backup - You can back up your entire server with a bare metal backup. This means every document and file on the server is backed up onto an external drive or cloud storage. This allows you to restore your system in case of any data loss quickly.

Ready to Restore – With RDR and bare metal backup, you can quickly restore your systems in a disaster or other critical situation. The backup images contain all necessary identifying information about the hardware and operating system, which makes restoring them much quicker and easier.

Computers in Stock – There’s no need to wait for a new order of computers if you have a significant loss during a disaster. You can simply utilize them from stock with preconfigured settings that will get up and running faster than ever.

Rapid disaster recovery is one of the best solutions to protect your business from a disaster. Not only does it provide system restores and backups quickly, but it also provides access to on-demand support if needed. In addition, it also has computers ready in stock for immediate use.

Technology Made Easy provides this and much more to ensure your business is up and running with minimal disruption. Knowing that your data is secure and protected during unforeseen events can give you peace of mind.

Technology Made Easy is here to help you protect your business and data. Contact us at 815-993-1005 to learn how we can help you secure your data and systems.

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