National Recovery Month

Maitri Path to Wellness - National Recovery Month

Recovery Month celebrates the progress made by those in recovery from mental and substance use disorders. It also raises an understanding of the importance of treatment and services for those who struggle with these disorders.

Many people find the courage and determination required for a recovery that is a lifelong journey. But it is possible to recover, and thousands of people take the first steps toward a healthier life each year.

Each September, Recovery Month provides a vehicle to celebrate the accomplishments of those whose lives have been transformed through recovery from substance use and mental health disorders.

People all around the country share their successes with the prevention, treatment, and recovery programs. They tell about how these treatments can help people with mental and substance use disorders live healthy and rewarding lives.

The four pillars of recovery are:

- Hope: Recovery is possible. Many success stories come from people who have recovered from mental and substance use disorders.

- Help: Treatment works. Mental and substance use disorders are treatable disorders. With the right help, people can and do recover.

- Healing: The recovery journey is healing the mind, body, and spirit.

- Home: A community of support is available to help people recover. This community includes family, friends, and professionals committed to assisting people in living healthy, fulfilling lives.

Recovery is for everyone. It’s a journey that each person takes at their own pace. And it’s never complete. There will always be ups and downs, but with each step forward, people in recovery get closer to their goals.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental or substance abuse disorder, help is available. Treatment works, and recovery is possible.

Join Maitri Path to Wellness in celebrating Recovery Month and spreading the message that mental and substance use disorders are treatable conditions. Together, we can help people live healthy, fulfilling lives.

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