Senior Watchdog Helps You Plan for the Future You Want

Advocating for our clients and providing the loyal guidance you need so you can enjoy your retirement without financial fear.

These are the founding principles of Senior Watchdog in LaSalle, and the focus for every client we proudly serve in this community.

Retirement planning, wealth management, asset protection and enrolling in the right Medicare Plan are all significant life situations to be proud of. But they are also complex programs with many moving parts and confusing terms. We want you to be able to navigate all of these strategies with ease, and that is precisely what we help you to do.

That’s why it is our honor to help those in our community find the best course through all these milestone options. We help to ease the burden on your financial planning, your retirement, and beyond – so you can get back to enjoying what matters most to you in your life.

You should be able to retire the way you want to, with all your financial and medical care concerns addressed to give you the peace of mind you need.

That’s why we’re here – we have your back.

For more information or any questions on which options are best for you, visit or call us at 815-223-9394.

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