Chief Senachwine DAR Chapter continues membership drive

Daughters of the American Revolution chapter looking for interested individuals

Officers of the Chief Senachwine Chapter NSDAR display the 16 awards received at the April DAR State Conference held in Bloomington. Front left: Diana Williamson, Dolores Dace, Nancy Gillfillan. Back left: Carol Byrd, Diane Zimmerman, Nina Herridge.

The Chief Senachwine Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution is continuing its Summer Membership Drive and invites all women interested in researching their colonial ancestry to supply information on their first three to four generations.

The process requires supplying as many as possible names, birth dates, death dates and locations known about one’s parents, grandparents and even one’s great-grandparents.

The group believes that often an interested party might believe that her parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent arrived in the U.S. in the 1850′s or 1900′s too late to trace to a Revolutionary ancestor. Often the “late-comer” has married someone with roots tracing back to Revolutionary times and the patriotic connection can be proved.

The DAR national motto of all chapters is God, Home and Country and special interests are Education, Historic Preservation and Patriotism.

There are nearly 190,000 DAR members in 3,000 chapters around the world, including 14 countries and one territory. The members devote thousands of hours in service to their communities. Since its founding in 1890, DAR has admitted more than one million members.

Based in Henry, the Chief Senachwine Chapter includes members from Henry, Putnam, Princeton, Mineral, Lacon, Chillicothe, Wyoming, Wyanet and beyond.

Those interested are asked to supply any information regarding immediate ancestors by calling 815-437-9111 for information.