Putnam County broadband survey open through July 23; county seeks responses

Survey is available online and in printed copies throughout the county

Putnam County was begun working with Ogle County, Growth Dimensions Economic Development of Boone County and Lee County in a broadband planning partnership through the Accelerate Illinois Broadband Initiative.

The vision statement for the partnership is to ensure availability of reliable, high-performing, high-speed, affordable broadband to all residents, businesses, organizations and farms in the north central Illinois region that promotes educational, economic and information opportunities.

As part of the initiative, the county will be fielding survey responses. This survey will be open through July 23 and is available online at www.BroadBandForAIINCIL.org.

Putnam County Vice-Chairman Steve Malavolti stated that it’s crucial to gather as many responses as possible while the survey is open.

“It is very important that we have input from all our neighbors across Putnam County,” Malvolti said. “To reach as many people as possible, a new website has been setup to complete the survey online as well as a printed survey, which will be available in the Putnam County Library system and Village Halls across the county.”

Goals for the Region are:

  • To create a technologically advanced broadband network that is affordable, accessible, adaptable, and reliable.
  • To leverage partnerships and resources across the region to support and expand network development.
  • To serve and provide support for all the inclusive services for residents, education, businesses, agriculture, and tourism.
  • To incorporate scalable improvements that will enhance existing infrastructure and new developments.

And don’t forget to tell your neighbors to complete the survey, too,” Added Malvolti.