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Peru agrees on a plan for new subdivision

Subdivision will house 57 single-family residential, three commercial plots

Peru entered into a development agreement with John Pohar and Sons Inc. that will allow the construction company to develop 31 acres of farmland into a residential subdivision.

The plot of land that will be developed is located south of Wenzel Road and north of Baker Lake Park.

The working plan is for the land to be converted into a mixed-use subdivision containing 57 single-family residential lots and three commercial lots along Wenzel Road.

To provide access to the intended lots, both the city and the company have entered an agreement to construct public roads throughout the plot that will be worked on throughout the construction process in the coming years.

The construction also will require additional work to be done including a water main and a sanitary sewer project. The agreement allocates a $450,000 and $500,000 utility fund incentive for the water main and sanitary sewer projects respectively.

In exchange for the city’s economic incentives, Pohar and Sons will complete drainage ditch improvements, recreational path construction and out lot one improvements.

Out lot one was agreed upon to be dedicated to Peru to be used as a future city park. It was agreed upon by both parties these lots be considered affordable to not exceed $59,000 in the standard lot pricing

During the construction of the new police department, Peru entered into a previous agreement with John Pohar and Sons to develop around 10 acres of undeveloped farmland located south of the station into a residential subdivision.

This location has been referred to as “The Pointe” and is comprised of 18 single-family lots surrounded by residential paths.

Following the satisfaction from both the company and the city they elected to enter into the intended project on Wenzel Road.

The city also stated in its development agreement it plans to enter into an Intergovernmental Agreement with La Salle to improve Wenzel Road/24th Street during the 2022 construction season.

This Wenzel Road project was agreed upon with the following schedule. Engineering and permitting will begin in spring 2022, construction will begin in summer 2022, Peru’s delivery of project roadway base course material and lots available for construction in fall 2022 and Pohar to complete construction of remaining project sidewalks by Oct. 1, 2028.