Oglesby mayor: Micro-pantry vandals will be caught

Video surveillance shows assailant riding bicycle, wearing a baseball cap

The micro-pantry outside Oglesby City Hall was vandalized again and Oglesby’s mayor promises the vandals will be caught.

Mayor Dom Rivara denounced the acts during Monday’s City Council meeting. Video surveillance showed an assailant riding a bicycle and wearing a baseball cap. Despite the obstructed view of the vandal’s face, Rivara said the investigation is ongoing and the actor or actors will be identified and prosecuted.

“It cannot continue,” Rivara said. “It’s got to stop. The people who vandalized it will be arrested.”

Rivara further urged residents to continue donating to those in need, but also to watch expiration dates. Old and expired packages and cans cannot be redistributed and must be thrown away.

Separately, the council awarded a $233,370.10 contract for street repairs using motor fuel tax to Advanced Asphalt.

Commissioner Jason Curran said he didn’t have a start date yet but first up is Cedar Creek Lane, the Dickinson House parking lot and the paved alleys north and south of Walnut Street.

Curran further noted the bid came in some $60,000 below the engineer’s estimate and, “We’ll save more motor fuel tax funds for next year.”

Also, the council approved a four-year contract with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The crux of the deal is a roughly 3% raise and elevating the hourly rate for linemen to $40.

“There’s a little bit of give-and-take from all parties,” Rivara said.

The vote, however, was 3-1-1, with Commissioner Tom Argubright voting no and Commissioner Jim Cullinan abstaining. Argubright said there still was a dispute over contract language as of Monday morning.

Finally, Commissioner Carrie Lijewski announced an inaugural event, First-Responders Community Night, to be held July 31 by the pool. The new event features food, prizes, games and free swimming.