La Salle Council to add additional street light, denies additional signs

Street light will be added across from 2084 Rockwell Road

The La Salle City Hall is located at 745 Second St.

La Salle City Council wrapped up its final meeting of 2020 Monday evening, as the aldermen met along with the Streets, Alleys and Traffic Committee.

During the Streets, Alleys and Traffic Committee meeting, the members denied two and accepted one request from city residents.

The committee decided to approve a request to install a new street light across from 2084 Rockwell Rd. The street light will be installed after aldermen determined the street was too dark and the light could be placed on an existing pole.

After discussion, the committee then decided to deny two requests — one for a “No Trucks Allowed” sign to be placed on Fourth St. near Central St., and one to convert the intersection at 24th St. and St. Vincent Ave. from a two-way to a four-way stop.

The decision to deny the “No Trucks Allowed” sign came after the aldermen determined the issue of trucks ending up in that location is not prominent enough at this moment to require action from the city. The committee did note, however, if the issue continues to arise from out-of-town truckers, it will return to the issue for possible further action.

Regarding the request to turn the intersection of 24th and St. Vincent into a four-way stop, the city opted to follow the Illinois Department of Transportation’s assessment to deny the request. IDOT determined the area does not fit the criteria of accident frequency to be classified as a dangerous intersection.

If the city decided action was necessary, it would be required to install a traffic-light system instead of adding two additional stop signs to comply with IDOT.

La Salle City Engineer Brian Brown also stated a possible solution to decrease the amount of accidents at the intersection: speaking with the owners of the Paramount Club on the possibility of removing a section of plywood around the base of their sign. According to Brown, removing the plywood attached would help with the sight lines for drivers attempting to turn in the intersection.