Spring Valley will tackle 2 years worth of street projects this fall

Council wants to repair city’s worst-rated streets

A stretch of Greenwood Street north of St. Paul Street near downtown Spring Valley is slated for repair this fall.

The Spring Valley City Council wants to waste no time in repairing some of the city’s worst streets.

The council agreed Tuesday to fix $774,242 worth of roadways, by combining two years of projects into one. The city will be able to borrow money this fall in anticipation of next year’s motor fuel tax revenue and begin work on streets as soon as mid- to late September. Motor fuel tax revenue is utilized statewide to repair streets.

Alderman Ken Bogacz said in the past council members have made their own lists for streets in need of repair. This time around, the council utilized an engineering group to analyze every single street and grade it based on the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating Study. The city was able to determine the worst rated streets through the study.

There were enough streets with low ratings for the council to seek to repair them all at once. The city believes it will save money in the contractor’s bid by having more quantity, and possibly save in oil costs for asphalt with anticipated inflation.

The following 23 streets were slated for repair this fall:

Greenwood Street from St. Paul to U.S. 6

St. Paul Street from Terry to Hennessey

Caroline Street from Hennessey to Route 89

Barton Street from Erie to Cleveland

Devlin Street from Cornelia to dead end

Oak Street from dead end to Lance

Dakota Street from Mary to Barton

Marquette Lane from dead end to Marquette Road

Thorne Street from Pulaski to dead end

Iowa Street from Strong to Richards

Iowa Street from Richards to Taylor

Devlin from John Mitchell to Lawrence

St. Paul from John Mitchell to Lawrence

St. Paul from Lawrence to Strong

Bernal Court from Oak Dale to cul-de-sac

Terry Street from First to Second

Taylor Street from U.S. 6 to First

Taylor Street from First to Second

Taylor Street from Second to Third

Pulaski Street from Thorn to Northwestern

North Road from Cemetery to Sunset (W)

North Road from Sunset (W) to Sunset

Westminster from Trinity to Cambridge