Oglesby: No action (yet) on selling the old Reizner property

City Council lukewarm on calls for an east-end parking lot

Oglesby City Hall

Oglesby hasn’t ruled out the possibility of turning the old Reizner property into a downtown parking lot, but commissioners would like to first put it on the real estate market and get a nibble.

Monday, that proved tricky. Though the agenda called for OK’ing the listing of the property (address: 246 E. Walnut St.) as B-1 downtown commercial property, the motion to even list it died without a second.

The problem seemed to be a lack of consensus on what the city could get for it — Commissioner Tom Argubright seemed skeptical of getting a worthwhile offer — or what to do with it failing a buyer.

A few residents opined it should be a parking lot for the east end businesses. Mayor Dom Rivara and Commissioner Jason Curran said they weren’t opposed to a parking lot, but they wanted to field offers before committing to any specific use.

Rivara acknowledged there isn’t enough on-street parking to go around.

“There are some rental units at that end of town,” Rivara said. “People don’t have a lot of places to park so consequently they park on the streets.”

In other matters:

  • Curran announced hydrant flushing would be May 31 to June 3
  • Rivara warned dirt bike riders and golf cart drivers without permits “will be ticketed”
  • Volunteers still are needed for Oglesby Summer Fun Fest