Thank You Teacher Letters for The Times

Read thank you teacher letters from students to LaSalle County area teachers

Letters to Teachers for Thank You Teachers

Teacher: Denice Melody-Thank you for being so kind and loving. You always make us feel special. You have such a kind heart. You make learning fun. I look forward to school every day because of you!-Edythe Brockman, Ottawa

Teacher: Patricia Leal-My Mom, Pat Leal, teaches course recovery at Minooka Junior High School. She loves her job, her students and takes great pride on both. She was the best homework helper growing up, so there is no doubt that she aides her students to be the best that they can be.-Anna Wright, Ottawa

Teacher: Mrs. Kourtney O’Boyle-Mrs. O’Boyle, thank you for always going above and beyond to help me succeed! You are always there to listen when I need to talk. You encourage me each and every day. You went out on a limb to help me and for that I thank you today and always!-John Boyle, Peru

Teacher: Rosemary Walker-She does amazing work with my son, and keep him on task. Everyday goes to school wanting to go in and see her, and loves his school.-Alexander Sutterfield-Wilson, Ottawa

Teacher: Nancy Klassan-I am not a student, but I work with you! I know you are an AMAZING teacher for your ESL students at the IVCC Ottawa Center. I know all of your students appreciate you very much. I can tell because when they leave your classroom, they are ALL so HAPPY and smiling! Thank you for being a GREAT teacher!-Lori Carbone, Streator

Teacher: Todd Hoffman-Thank you for teaching me alot in your class. I may not remember everything but you was a great teacher.-Josh Mehn, Streator

Teacher: Kevin Leonhart-Thank you for always being there for me in high school. I may not have learned tons of Spanish but I will always remember your kindness and willingness to listen to my problems. I cannot thank you enough-Amanda Kennedy, Ottawa

Teacher: Mark Stortz-Thank you for being my most fun & favorite teacher!!-Danielle Hert, Peru

Teacher: Andrea Johnson-Thank you for loving children with all your heart even if they aren’t your own!-Elizabeth Johnson, Long Point

Teacher: Mrs. Clara O’Neal-Thank you for being such a good teacher. I am so lucky that I was able to have you for three-years now. You taught me how to do math in first grade and religion in fifth grade. You have taught me how to be a good Catholic by your shining example of love for others. You sacrificed your summer vacation to tutor me in the library so I could become a better reader. You always have treats for us when we do a good job. We learned how to behave from you and how to think about those around us. You are extremely patient and always put others first. You are a wonderful role model and I will always look up to you. Thank you again for teaching me how to be a better person.-Elizabeth Reynolds, Ladd

Teacher: Eleanor Maynard-Thank you for being the reason I became a teacher. You were and always will be the best teacher.-Emilee Sharisky, Streator

Teacher: Andrea Johnson-Thank you for teaching me right from wrong!-Lizzy Johnson, Long Point

Teacher: Susan Trammel-Mrs. Trammel is the art teacher at Woodland Community School District 5 and she is by far the most compassionate and awesome teacher I’ve had! I love her ways of teaching and the way she cares about her students.-Hannah Benton, Streator

Teacher: Mr. Tyler Bernardoni-I want to nominate my favorite teacher Mr. Bernardoni!! Mr. B is my favorite part about school. He helps me do my BEST and helps me understand everything so much easier. Mr. B has been with me since kindergarten and I’m in fifth grade now. I don’t know what I would do without Mr. B and if I would love school as much as I do. Mr. B is a teacher but also my special friend to me. This is why I want to nominate my favorite teacher.-Noah Newbury, Ottawa

Teacher: Mark Cartwright-Mr. Cartwright singlehandedly took the pandemic by throat and never once for a second let go. A bit vulgar and a bit intense, but nevertheless true, Mr. Cartwright is a freak of nature who deserves the utmost respect. Thank you, most esteemed scholar, for showing US how it’s done and showing us what leading by example looks like.-Jacob Krueger, Champaign

Teacher: Jenna Goldman-Thank you making science fun and for listening when I wanted to talk about stuff.-Max Brodbeck, Serena

Teacher: Nikki Dierzen-You make social studies fun. Thanks for being a great teacher.-Max Brodbeck, Serena

Teacher: Bridget Faivre-Thank you for helping me learn new things, like fractions. You are a great teacher.-Max Brodbeck, Serena

Teacher: Trisha Studnicki-Thank you Ms. Studnicki for making preschool so much fun. I learned so much and will miss you when I go to kindergarten!-Audrey Carpenter, Streator

Teacher: Leanne Schell-Thank you Leanne for taking care of me each day! You make my time in the 3s room so much fun!-Audrey Carpenter, Streator

Teacher: Shelly Bundy-Thank you Shelly for taking care of me each day! You make my time in the 3s room so much fun!-Audrey Carpenter, Streator

Teacher: Patricia Sullivan-Thank you for always being strict but in a good way. Thank you for always giving us help when we need it and you don’t make us feel bad if we ask questions. Thank you for helping us know God. You are my favorite teacher for more reasons but I don’t have enough room to type it all.-Michael Coutts, Ottawa

Teacher: Erin Byrd-Thank you for giving your all everyday in class and continuing to always be there for your students. You are by far an excellent teacher and us students love you. Thank you for motivating us, inspiring us, and teaching us daily! Finally, thank you for everything and the great opportunities you give us, #PirateNation-Sarah Smith, Ottawa

Teacher: Tracey O’fallon-Thank you Tracey for sparking my interest in psychology and helping me figure out how to navigate that path. Plus you are an awesome teacher that really cares!! Thank you-Amanda Rockey, Ottawa

Teacher: Michelle Thorsen (Milton Pope)-Thank you for being you and for all you do ♡-Cooper Smith, Marseilles

Teacher: James Blom-Thank you Mr. Blom for teaching me and showing me how much you care about our class! When you share with our class about history it really comes alive!-Lexie Terborg, Wheatfield,IN

Teacher: Mark Cartwright-Thank you for being an extraordinary teacher and having a sincere drive for student succession. Thank you for reading my poems as well!-Margaret Spika, Ottawa

Teacher: Mr. Josh Stevenson-Thank you Mr. Stevenson for all you do! You go above and beyond for our kids, and we are so grateful for you!-Charleigh Heilman, Streator

Teacher: Kathy Sullivan-My fifth-grade teacher’s favorite accessory, which she wore every day, was a smile. The kids loved her so much they would often walk with her on their way home after school. She inspired all of us with her kindness...long before anyone promoted it. I’d venture to say there are thousands of kids--adults now--who were happy to be at the receiving end of one of Miss Sullivan’s smiles.-Nina Gadomski, Elmwood Park

Teacher: Heidi Quick-So very thankful for Heidi Quick!! If only every teacher in the world could be so patient and understanding, every child would feel loved. You are funny, and an inspiration. So happy you have my niece and other family members in your classroom, because I know they will get all the knowledge they need. I know every student who comes in contact with you, will somehow get something in life from your smile and confidence. May you win every teacher appreciation gift in the world. Thank you for being you.-Billy Johnson, Ottawa

Teacher: Denise Melody-I love you Mrs. Melody! You are the best teacher ever in the world! I love school. Love-Gia Heuser, Ottawa

Teacher: Jennifer Bubb-Mrs. Bubb, thank you for being such an amazing inspiration to me this year. Your passion for what you do has helped me find my own passion in life. You truly are one incredible professor! Many thanks for all the joy-filled days and the invaluable lessons that you have shared with me! A teacher like you is truly a gift. I am so proud of all that I have achieved with your help. Thank you so much for your guidance this year and thank you for having confidence in my classmates and I. Mrs. Bubb, you are the best teacher!-Sarah Smith, Ottawa