Three Things to Know About Selecting a Headstone

Oakwood Memorial Park - Three Things to Know About Selecting a Headstone

There are many details involved in choosing the type of burial for yourself or a loved one. In particular, the headstone – if you have a standard in-ground burial – requires some thought. You’ll want to select a headstone that is not only appropriate for the individual, but is also an appropriate size and constructed of the right material. As with other funeral details, planning is key.

Here are three things to be aware of.

Know the Types of Headstones

There are several common types of headstones, including flat markers, standard upright headstones, ledger or bevel markers, and even double monuments for spouses or siblings. There are also different custom monuments and markers that can be designed for you. If you are unsure about what you want, discuss it with your monument builder to find what best suits your needs.

Set a Budget

The more elaborate or large, the pricier the headstone can be. If you’re making a selection for a loved one, check to see if they made any pre-arrangements, which may have included a headstone design. Then work through a budget from there and consult with the monument builder to see the options within your price range.

Choose the Right Material

Apart from the size and design of the monument, the material may be the most important factor. A headstone should be able to stand up to the elements – including extreme weather – without much maintenance, if any. Popular materials include granite, marble, limestone, and even bronze or steel. Discuss these details with the monument builder to find what best works for your situation and burial location.

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