Important Documents to Have in Place

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Facing death is something we all must deal with at some point. Whether it be loved ones – or even our own – it’s a reality that we must face.

At the time, making arrangements and addressing the myriad details can feel overwhelming. When it comes to our own death, these tasks will fall upon those we leave behind. But there is a way to be of great help. With preneed funeral plans, you can have many details taken care of well ahead of time.

Crucial to planning ahead for your services and burial is to gather the appropriate documents.

This may vary depending on your personal, financial and legal situation, but there are some key documents that are important to have in place when making plans in advance.

A List of Personal Contacts

It’s good to start with a list of personal contacts who should be notified immediately after the death. If you are still working, it’s important that your employer and any close associates are also included. It’s a good idea to have a trusting person or two contact everyone on this list so that the proper information is distributed to those who should know first.

A Legal Will

Your legal will is crucial to have at the ready. This vital document explains how your assets are to be divided. It is also important to include the legal power of attorney to help with any large-scale or more detailed decisions for your estate.

Finances, Medical and Utilities

You’ll want to include a packet of information such as your financial records, retirement and investment information and any other institutions or companies that handle your home, auto or business finances.

It’s also important to include any current or pending medical bills and contact information, and accounts for your home or business utilities and insurances as well.

With this documentation prepared, you will help your family and friends save valuable time and stress in handling these arrangements after you’ve passed. In effect, you’ll be ensuring your funeral, burial and estate asset processes will be much smoother and quicker with everything already in order.

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