Marquette Academy Celebrates Graduation, Student Accomplishments, and Offers Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen

The month of May is always special, filled with many important dates and sentiments.

Mother’s Day and Memorial Day occur this month, and spring is in full swing. May also marks the typical end of the school year, and with that comes graduation.

39 Marquette seniors will receive their diplomas at the end of this month. Between hybrid classes and constantly changing schedules amid the ongoing pandemic, these graduates persevered through many challenges this year, and have several impressive achievements to be proud of.

Over 50% of this year’s seniors maintained a GPA over 3.5, and that same percentage of students scored a combined average of 24.6 on the ACT exam. The top ten averaged ACT scores of over 27.

Additionally, 75% of this class were members of either the honor roll, or high honor roll, for all four years they were enrolled at Marquette.

The graduating class features two Illinois State Scholars and more than 20 NHS members. Collectively, the senior class has accumulated nearly 1.5 million dollars in scholarships.

For the Marquette Academy High School class of 2021, this graduation and the preceding four years of hard work, and dedication to Christian learning are milestones to be fondly celebrated.

The graduation ceremony will be held on Sunday, May 30th at 3pm at Gould Stadium.

Financial Aid Available

For new and returning students, Marquette Academy continues to offer numerous scholarships and financial aid packages.

This past school year, every family that applied for financial assistance got the help they needed.

Assistance is made possible by the FACTS program, along with several special scholarships for incoming freshmen. Visit this page for all the Information and details on tuition assistance and the available scholarships.

For more information on graduation or financial aid opportunities, please visit For any additional questions, call 815-433-0125.

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