Christian Service Hours Program at Marquette Academy

Since 1859, Marquette’s mission has been to promote academic excellence and growth through faith-based learning.

Alongside this mission is a philosophy that is focused on service and a development of sharing the love of Christ throughout the community. Based on this message, Marquette continues to encourage participation in Christian service activities.

This is the reason behind the school’s Christian service hours program.

Beyond the dedication to lifelong learning and leadership exists a willingness to be a strong partner in the community, and students at all grade levels are expected to contribute.

One of Marquette’s top students with the most accrued service hours, junior Kaitlyn Magoonaugh, has truly immersed herself in the values of community involvement.

“Service hours are a great way of giving back to a community that supports me and my school so much,” Magoonaugh said.

“When we go out into the community and perform our acts of service, it allows people who are not a part of our Marquette family to see what Marquette stands for.”

In addition to the selfless participation in various community endeavors, service hour requirements must be met prior to graduation.

Students must complete 30 Christian Service hours per year, with 120 total confirmed hours prior to graduation. There are many opportunities for students to complete their hours such as tutoring, CCD, help with May Merriment, and much more.

“I get my hours by doing a multitude of things including working at Marquette functions, volunteering with my youth group, and even the simplest of things like raking leaves and helping family members,” Magoonaugh said. For seniors like Eliza Smith, other options such as being involved with Totus Tuus and working at volleyball camps provide ways to give back.

The fulfillment not only benefits the student but provides needed services and assistance at the school and in the community as well. The Christian Service Hours Program is a great way to volunteer in many capacities, while extending Marquette’s mission of academic excellence in a Catholic community.

For more information on service hours, please visit For any additional questions on opportunities for service and other outreach programs, call 815-433-0125.

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