Celebrating the Benefits of In-Person Learning

In the past six months, we’ve all experienced an unprecedented array of challenges and uncertainty.

In response, businesses and schools everywhere have had to adjust and adapt to new policies and procedures.

In troubling days like these, it’s important to recognize the good – and highlight the successes in our community – more than ever before. At Marquette Academy, we want to acknowledge our students, faculty, and staff for completing a successful first quarter of the school year – in person.

While the reasoning for distance learning is clear amid the pandemic, the impact, and benefits of in-person/in-session learning cannot be overstated. Parents of students are agreeing.

“I couldn’t be happier that my children are attending school,” said Michelle Patelli. “I love that they are getting daily social interaction with their friends.”

“The faculty and staff have done an amazing job planning and organizing procedures to keep the kids as safe as possible, while also allowing them to interact with teachers and other students in person. Our girls have not complained at all about the mask or social distancing requirements. They just want to be at school.” Said another parent, Megan Diss

One of the main advantages is that students are able to concentrate better because there are less distractions and alternatives to focus on than if at home. Additionally, there is evidence to suggest that distance learning can create social and emotional problems which could be damaging in the long run. The levels of communication and support that in-person learning provide far outweigh those which presently exist with remote learning.

In addition to opportunities for better interaction and communication, classroom learning promotes a more common pace for students. It keeps everyone on the same timeline, and each student’s progress is monitored and helped along more carefully, with better organization and clarity from the teachers.

Overall, students – those in the K-12 age group in particular – need interaction with their peers.

Marquette Academy provides a safe and nurturing environment for students, reinforcing the values parents teach at home. We educate the whole person, allowing them to grow academically and spiritually.

Another benefit is the opportunity for fun events and the promotion of camaraderie and teamwork, such as our Fall Spirit Week, which runs from October 12-17. Each day of the week will feature a new theme and accompanying dress code for students, along with several safe, fun outdoor activities.

The weeklong event aims to celebrate the hard work of students and teachers alike, which have resulted in eight full weeks of in-person learning.

For more information or questions on updated school policies and events, please visit our website www.marquetteacademy.net or call 815-433-0125.

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