Winter Funerals and Burials

In many parts of the country, including right here in our community, winter weather can be unforgiving and harsh.

But even the freezing and snowy temperatures of the Midwest don’t always change funeral plans.

One common question that arises from families who are making funeral arrangements for the loss of a loved one during the winter is how the cemetery can handle a standard burial if the ground is frozen or covered with snow.

Although normal funeral services are mostly unchanged, the burial itself can have some challenges due to the weather.

In days long past, when someone died in the winter, families had to wait until the ground was sufficiently thawed before the body could be properly buried. This often meant waiting several months. Today, if the ground is too hard to dig, the bodies are usually kept in a special refrigerated room or a holding casket until the gravesite is dug and prepared.

Often, however, modern tools are available that can allow for proper burials even if the ground is frozen solid.

The frozen soil can be pulverized with mechanical tools such as jackhammers to loosen it up sufficiently to complete the dig. In other cases, special ground thawers can be put in place to warm and soften the dirt under the frost level for burial.

While the frozen ground and inclement weather may seem to create a bit of a hindrance, rest assured that standard burials can still occur with little interruption.

For more information or any questions on funeral and burial services during the winter months, visit our website or call 815-433-0313.

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