Letters to the Editor

Letter: Lance Yednock’s ‘Present’ vote was for the business-as-usual politics

To the Editor:

Over the years, state Rep. Lance Yednock has taken millions in campaign contributions from former House Speaker Michael J. Madigan and to his credit, Rep. Yednock has never forgotten everything the disgraced former Speaker has done for him.

Lance Yednock was the only person to vote “Present” when it came time to vote for a new Speaker. There are 118 members of the Illinois House of Representatives and Rep. Yednock was the only one to not vote for either Rep. Chris Welch or Rep. Jim Durkin to be the next House Speaker. Yednock was that loyal to Madigan.

In the coming months, Rep. Yednock is going to try to rebrand himself. He is going to try to convince voters that deep down he is really a conservative and that he is as desperate for real reforms as the voters in the 76th District.

Just remember the very first vote he cast in the 102nd General Assembly. While members of his own party eagerly embraced a new era of government – one without Mike Madigan – Yednock was unwilling to let go of the past. His “Present” vote was for the business-as-usual politics that puts insiders ahead of the needs of the people. That one vote tells us all we need to know about what Lance Yednock’s priorities really are.

Travis Breeden, Utica