Letters to the Editor

Letter: Retired doctors are unsung heroes

To the Editor:

This is to extend and express a public appreciation for their services to Drs. Chaomig Chen, MD and Neelam Goel, MD.

Dr. Chaoming Chen came to Steator after finishing his residency and started providing much needed obstetrics and gynecology care in partnership with Dr. Carl Mattioda first at St. Mary’s hospital and then at St. Elizabeth hospital once St. Mary’s closed down. He announced his retirement at the end of 2020. Thousands of babies were delivered by him and the women taken care of between 1973-2020.

Dr. Neelam Goel, MD a pediatrician came to the Peru-La Salle area along with her husband Dr. Ram Goel, MD a gastroenterologist and provided pediatric care in the area between 1983-2020. Thousands of babies were taken care of by her during that time. She announced her retirement in 2020.

I thank them on behalf of La Salle County Medical Society for their much needed healthcare services in rural Illinois where getting physicians to come and practice is a challenge in itself. They could have gone to a bigger city with more to offer in terms of social and cultural life but decided to dedicate their services to underserved areas without any reservations. They are the unsung heroes.

Amar Dave, MD

President La Salle County Medical Society