Marseilles adjusts liquor laws to allow curbside pickup, delivery of alcohol beverages

Packaged liquor stores, restaurants may provide the service

Marseilles entry sign

Marseilles residents may be able to order an alcoholic beverage with their carryout or delivery orders, provided all laws are followed.

The Marseilles City Council adjusted its liquor laws Wednesday to allow curbside pickup and delivery of liquor at places, such as liquor stores, convenience stores and gas stations, along with bars and restaurants whose license falls under the correct statute.

Mayor Jim Hollenbeck said this adjustment to the city’s ordinance isn’t something he’s exactly excited about but it’s necessary to keep the city in line with state law.

“Basically, you can have curbside pickup or delivery at a Casey’s or a liquor store or whatever,” Hollenbeck said.

A delivery driver will have to be 21-years-old and identification will be required to be checked for a recipient of the delivery if any Marseilles business is to take advantage of this new opportunity. Deliveries have to be made within 12 hours of the order being made.

The Illinois Liquor Control Commission adjusted its statewide ordinance in June 2021 during the pandemic to allow any combined retailer liquor license holder, such as specific kinds of sit-down restaurants — and retail liquor license holders, such as a grocery store to sell liquor for curbside pickup or delivery.

This law also disallows third-party delivery services from delivering beverages.