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10 La Salle County residents have died from complications related to COVID-19 since Dec. 30

36 more residents have been hospitalized in La Salle County hospitals in past 7 days

Ten La Salle County residents died from complications related to COVID-19 and 36 residents have been hospitalized with the virus since Dec. 30.

Two men in their 60s, a man in his 70s, two women in their 70s, a man in his 80s, three women in their 80s and a woman in her 90s died from complications related to the virus.

There were 27 COVID-related deaths last month, which was the most since there were 26 deaths reported in January 2021. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 396 COVID-related deaths in La Salle County.

At hospitals within OSF HealthCare, which includes Ottawa, Mendota and Princeton, there are 411 patients hospitalized from COVID-19 (58% of them are not vaccinated); 64 are in ICU with COVID-19 (70.3% of them are not vaccinated); and 39 are on ventilators (74.4% of them are not vaccinated), as of Thursday.

At Morris Hospital, 31 patients are hospitalized with COVID-19 (77.4% of them are not vaccinated); nine are in ICU (seven of them not vaccinated) and seven are on ventilators (six not vaccinated), as of Friday.

There were 1,763 new cases reported since Dec. 30 — 124 younger than 13, 123 younger than 13, 125 teenage boys, 137 teenage girls, 137 men in their 20s, 164 women in their 20s, 112 men in their 30s, 176 women in their 30s, 114 men in their 40s, 147 women in their 40s, 94 men in their 50s, 92 women in their 50s, 66 men in their 60s, 69 women in their 60s, 24 men in their 70s, 30 women in their 70s, nine men in their 80s, 15 women in their 80s, a man in his 90s and four women in their 90s.

There have been 638 residents removed from isolation.

La Salle County is experiencing high community transmission based on the 7-day moving average of new cases per 100,000 (1,395.98 per 100,000) of COVID-19 (as of Wednesday). In addition, there are 10.9% of ICU beds available in the North Central health region, which includes La Salle County, which is below the 20% target. Until La Salle County can get a handle on the number of new cases being identified each week and slow the spread that is occurring, La Salle County will continue to be in the state’s warning level. A warning level means the county saw increases in two or more COVID-19 risk indicators.

People should continue to take the recommended public health precautions — vaccinate, booster, wear a mask, avoid crowds, physically distance, stay home when you are sick and test, the La Salle County Health Department said.

Because most of Illinois is experiencing high transmission rates, the LCHD recommends anyone who may have recently been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 be tested approximately 5-7 days after that exposure, even if they have no symptoms. Early detection allows individuals to gain guidance for medical treatment during early stages of the disease, which can reduce the need for hospitalizations, and can also reduce deaths. Testing also helps us quickly identify and isolate new cases, which reduces further spread of the disease.

The La Salle County Health Department is now scheduling all COVID-19 tests online. Access the link at: https://hipaa.jotform.com/220026540796151

The agency urges everyone 5 years and older to get vaccinated and all eligible individuals to get a booster. To search for vaccine available near you visit https://lasallecounty.org/covid-19-vaccine-update/ or vaccines.gov

Individuals who need to start the COVID-19 vaccination series, call the La Salle County Health Department at 815-433-3366 to schedule an appointment. The health department has Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer available.

To schedule a Booster Dose or a Pfizer Child Vaccination, go to www.lasallecounty.org and click on the “COVID-19 Vaccine Information” icon. The La Salle County Health Department offers these type of vaccinations on a weekly basis, by appointment only.

As of Thursday, 59,830 La Salle County residents have been fully-vaccinated of COVID-19, which is 54.67% of the county’s population; 65,076 residents have had at least one dose of the vaccine, which is 59.47% of the county’s population; and 26,289 booster shots have been administered.