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Loose llamas near Wenona, Lostant caught safely

Owner thanks community members for their help in capturing the loose animals

The llama drama is over, Chris Scheuer announced on her Facebook page.

Sailor Jerry, Captain Morgan and Jack Daniels, the three llamas who escaped their pen Sunday in Wenona while their owners were out to lunch were caught safely Friday.

Scheuer said a temporary fence was made to herd the llamas into where they were grazing in the ditch between Lostant and Wenona. A car drove by, scared them in the right direction and into that fence.

Scheuer thanked the Fieldcrest High School ag program and animal control, as well as everyone in the community who helped catch the llamas.

“People came from Hennepin, Dwight, Peoria, Peru — everywhere to help catch these cuties,” she said.

Scheuer said her family adopted the llamas from someone in El Paso who was moving and couldn’t take them along, so the animals were getting used to their new home.

The animals aren’t quite ready to acknowledge Scheuer as their new caretaker and she said they must’ve somehow undone their latch on the fence.

“They are grounded,” Scheuer concluded after this week’s adventure.