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Seneca will bid first phase of River Road repairs

Village can pay for repairs out of motor fuel tax, wind turbine funds

The Seneca Village Board will send the first phase of River Road repairs out to bid in the next month or two.

Commissioners said Tuesday the repair is estimated at $300,000 to $350,000 — an amount the village can cover through motor fuel tax funds and its wind turbine revenue. This means the village will not have to borrow money to repair the road.

The village put other construction projects funded by motor fuel tax funds on hold over the summer in order to fix River Road. These projects will be pushed back another year.

After receiving about 4 inches of rain in a three-hour period earlier this summer, a portion of River Road collapsed west of Route 170, making the road impassable and resulting in the road’s closure.

Commissioners noted major repairs to the structure will have to be made within the next three to five years, but they will seek grant funding that covers 80% of those costs.