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Permits required for motorized bicycles in Marseilles

City Council approves ordinance, says drivers must obey the rules of the road

Anyone wishing to ride an electric or gas-powered bicycle on Marseilles city streets legally will have to obtain a permit with the city.

First mentioned in April, the Marseilles City Council passed an ordinance Wednesday requiring residents to obtain a permit to utilize these motorized bicycles. The fee for the permit will be $50. They will be available through Marseilles City Hall and the Marseilles Police Department.

Drivers of motorized bicycles also must follow the rules of the road, which includes stopping at stop signs, having proper lighting at nighttime and signaling for turns, among other rules. They will not be allowed to operate on city sidewalks.

The motorized bicycles also must be equipped with functioning brakes sufficient to stop the bicycle in a safe manner.

In order to obtain a permit, the person must be 16 years or older and have a Marseilles mailing address. At the time of the application, a resident may have to provide the bicycle being registered for inspection to ensure it is in good working order and meets standards. The bicycle also will be photographed for purposes of future identification of the bicycle.