Marseilles commissioners approve electrical upgrades at Knudson Park

Improvements will make a difference during Christmas time or events at the park

Events at Knudson Park should no longer face issues with failing circuit breakers and other electrical problems in the coming future.

Marseilles Mayor Jim Hollenbeck acknowledged the issues events at the park have faced and the City Council approved $25,500 to B&G Electric to upgrade the park’s electricity.

“We want to upgrade what we have over there,” Hollenbeck said. “We’ve had issues with the circuit breakers and since we started doing Christmas decorations there, it’s been difficult to get them all wired without having extension cords all over the place.”

Hollenbeck said the new electrical upgrades will be put in an underground line that runs throughout the park and the plugs will be able to covered when they aren’t in use. They will not be an issue when the city goes to mow the grass.

Hollenbeck said this will be helpful for events at the park, like when bands come to play or when somebody needs electricity for a sound setup.

The Marseilles City council also approved the Marseilles Firefighters Association Car Show scheduled for Saturday, July 17, in hopes the state will allow the association to host the event within the framework of COVID-19 guidelines.