Past due real estate taxes deadline is set in La Salle County

March 2 will be the final day to pay past due taxes before sale

If a La Salle County resident hasn’t paid their taxes by Thursday, they will receive a certified letter. Certified letters will be mailed Friday.

The interest changes after the 4th and 15th of each month. Call 815-434-8219 for the amount due.

Feb. 5 is the last day to pay before your name is published in the newspaper.

During the week of Feb. 8, all unpaid taxes will be published in local newspapers.

On March 1, the credit card option will end.

March 2 is the last day to pay taxes before they are sold at a tax sale. The La Salle County Treasurer’s Office will accept payments until 4:30 p.m. March 2. No payments will be accepted after that date. All unpaid taxes will be sold March 3.

Payment must be made with certified funds only, which include cash, money order or certified check.