Streator Elementary Board candidates share their objectives

4 candidates are running for 3 available seats

Northlawn Junior High School

Four candidates are running for three available seats on the Streator Elementary School Board.

Ashley Heider is the lone incumbent. Tom Kreiger and Tanya Jacobs are running, along with Kyle Tutt (as a write-in candidate, which requires the voter to spell his name correctly on the ballot to be tallied).

Streator Elementary

Tanya Jacobs

Tanya Jacobs is a candidate for the Streator Elementary School Board.

Age: 41


Associates in Applied Science-Registered Dental Hygienist

What you want voters to know about you

Being raised in Streator, I have a special interest in seeing the community schools continue to produce happy and healthy learners prepared for their next level of education. My three children have all had a positive and wonderful experience during their time in SES #44 and I want to ensure that all students can learn in a positive and safe environment.

Objectives if elected

Maintain a fiscally responsible budget. Provide all students with researched and quality curriculum. Ensure quality extracurricular activities for students. Ensure all students and staff are provided a safe environment for learning.

Thomas Krieger

Thomas J. Krieger is a candidate for the Streator Elementary School Board.

Age: 73


Doctorate Christian Education Kingsway Bible College

Previously Elected experience

Precinct committeeman in Streator for Bruce 1, 2018-present

What you want voters to know about you

I am morally and fiscally conservative. I am the past administrator of Rhema Christian Academy (Streator) 2002-2015) I want the taxpayers of Streator Discrict 44 to know that I will be accountable and available to them.

Objectives if elected

To make sure that the students of District 44 get the best education possible in the safest way possible. That all of the taxpayer’s money will be spent wisely.

Ashley Heider

Ashley Heider is a candidate for the Streator Elementary School Board.

Age: 40


Bachelor Degree in Business with emphasis in Human Resources

Previously elected experience

I was appointed to the Streator Elementary School District 44 School Board in June 2022 and have been serving on the board since. I am always willing to listen and also express my opinion professionally. I have in-depth experience across core business functions. Through my work experience, I have developed strong leadership communication, creative and analytical skills. I have provided experience that parallel those required to be on the School Board, such as holding numerous administrative/leadership roles.

What you want voters to know about you

I am a lifelong resident of Streator and both of my children have been in attendance of SES since kindergarten. I care about the safety and education our children in the community receive. I want to serve and provide the best opportunities and resources for SES students, their families and staff.

Objectives if elected

I want to work with the community to improve student achievement and quality of the school systems. I believe in student growth and academic improvement; help influence the financial health of the district and where voter taxpayer money is spent; provide a safe learning environment for the children and staff.

Kyle Tutt (write-in)

Kyle Tutt

Age: 36


Masters Degree

Previously elected experience


What you want voters to know about you

I believe public education is changing and I want to be a driving force for positive change! Education is an important part of my family’s life. My wife and I have been educators for 13 years and my daughter attends the district.

Objectives if elected

I believe that my involvement in education uniquely positions me to contribute to the school board to help improve the district from an individual lens, institutional lens, community lens and changing policies for the better. The experiences I have had as a member of the community, a parent and an educator has allowed me to gain a robust perspective of what school could be and what it has to offer students and the community of Streator. As a board member, I would help guide the district towards its vision of promoting success through learning and creating bridges in the community. By focusing on student academics, social emotional health, and athletic achievements; we can provide safe and effective facilities. A place that allows not only students but teachers and staff to thrive!