Sale of vacant Park Street house in Streator complete

Owner makes improvements within 120 days to finalize deal

Streator City Attorney Sheryl Churney said the vacant house at 304 S. Park St. was successfully sold by the city of Streator, after a buyer made improvements within 120 days of the agreement, making the sale finalized.

A vacant house on South Park Street in Streator was successfully flipped by CDG Real Estate LLC.

The Streator City Council learned Tuesday, the home at 304 S. Park St. that was sold by the city for $26,150 under the terms the property had to be brought up to residential and maintenance codes within 120 days, was successful.

In August 2021, the property owner donated the two-story house to the city. In April, the City Council passed a motion to solicit bids for the property, receiving two of them. It accepted a deal in August, withholding the deed until rehabilitations were made and setting a 120-day deadline.

City Attorney Sheryl Churney told the council Tuesday the improvements were completed to satisfaction of the city’s engineering department, and the developer would close on the sale.

In another discussion item Tuesday, Councilman Matt McMullen said he would like the City Council to review the list of city-owned, vacant properties and discuss the future of them.

The house at 304 S. Park St. in Streator