Marseilles to apply for grant at Broadway Park, with a splash pad in mind

Project could cost about $600,000, with a possible 10% match to the city

Marseilles officials believe a splash pad would be a great addition to Broadway Park and are seeking a grant to make it happen.

The four corners of Broadway Park in Marseilles may a facelift if the city of Marseilles’ application for an Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development Grant is accepted.

The Marseilles City Council approved Hitchcock Designs to create the grant application during its Wednesday meeting, where Mayor Jim Hollenbeck said the city took its first step toward updating Broadway Park.

“For quite some time we wanted to have a splash pad and we talked about putting it in Knudson Park but we have the bandstand there, so I think we should probably keep this park for events and music festivals and put the splash pad down by Broadway Park,” Hollenbeck said.

A splash pad is just one item the city has on its wish list. Hollenbeck said the updated park could have a pickleball court and updates to the basketball court.

City Engineer Mike Etscheid said while OSLAD grants typically require a match from the city, Marseilles could be exempt since it’s concerned an economically distressed city.

Hollenbeck said the project should cost about $600,000 and the city may have to match 10% of that, but it’s still a tossup whether the city obtains the grant or not. This grant cycle closes Oct. 30, and Hollenbeck said the city will try again next year if it doesn’t receive it this year.